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Name of the organization

Inclusive Trading Initiative Foundation



Postal and visit address

Elementen 93
3894 DE Zeewolde
The Netherlands

Purpose of the organization

Inclusive Trading Initiative is a foundation that aims to develop sustainable economic programs. These programs should have an effect on young people and / or smallholder farmers. With smallholder farmers through the development of healthy inclusive supply chains that connect these farmers to formal markets. For young people by providing financing products and management support to start-ups. This gives young people the opportunity to start businesses and further develop their business skills.

Vision and mission

Inclusive Trading Initiative has the vision that smallholder farmers have the potential to become reliable suppliers and a relevant player in supply chains. When farmers are organized and apply Good Agricultural Practices and when Fair Trade principles are ensured, this will contribute to a sustainable solution to ending poverty for smallholder farmers in Africa. Inclusive Trading Initiative sees it as its mission to work with other key actors (such as NGOs, government, knowledge institutions and the private sector) to develop economic programs to establish these supply chains.

Inclusive Trading Initiative believes that promising small businesses led by young people have the potential to form a stable SME and thus a job generator in emerging economies. When these young people are trained and guided and thereby have access to financing for their business resources, a solid foundation has been laid for further growth of these companies.


Inclusive Trading Initiative seeks financing through foundations and private individuals. They are welcome to support the work of Inclusive Trading Initiative through their contribution.


The board of the foundation consists of a chairman, a treasurer and a secretary. The board is ultimately responsible for the foundation’s strategy and management. Board members do not receive any remuneration for the performance of their duties. They are entitled to reimbursement of their costs.

The Board member are:

  • Bram van der Kooy, chairman
  • Kees de Jong, secretary
  • Peter Gooijer, treasurer


Inclusive Trading Initiative was established in July 2017.

Bank account

NL34 RABO 0322 4544 09
Inclusive Trading Initiative Foundation